You're helping discover cancer cures

Funds raised through OneDay to Conquer Cancer support vital cancer research at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Your support is helping to break new ground. You are helping to change lives.

About Peter Mac

In the words of Peter Mac’s founder, Sir Peter MacCallum: nothing but the best is good enough in the treatment of cancer.

Peter Mac combines care and compassion with the latest research to provide the very best treatments and care for people impacted by cancer. But cancer still affects too many lives. The team at Peter Mac will not rest until the suffering ends and cures are found.

Peter Mac’s cancer researchers rely on your donations to continue their important work. Your fundraising efforts will help give some of the brightest minds in cancer research the specialised technologies and resources they need to discover cancer cures.

Recent research outcomes

With the help of public donations, some of the recent discoveries made at Peter Mac are:

  • The finding that a drug, which is already in clinical trials at Peter Mac, could be even more effective in treating blood cancers when used in combination with another existing drug. The new knowledge means we can now work closely with pharmaceutical companies to potentially fast track the testing of this combination approach for the benefit of patients. This is particularly important due to the poor prognosis for people with advanced blood cancers.
  • The discovery of a new drug that stops tumour growth and strengthens the power of chemotherapy in laboratory models of advanced oesophageal cancer. Advancing research in oesophageal cancer is crucial, as standard treatment is currently curative in only 10 to 20 per cent of patients; the remainder relapse within months or a few years, at which time no standard treatment options are reliably effective. The discovery of the new drug paves the way for clinical trials for people with this serious form of cancer.
  • The finding that a protein called JUN causes resistance to melanoma treatment. Our researchers found that eliminating this protein vastly improved the effectiveness of treatment in laboratory models, with melanoma cells almost completely wiped out. This is an important step forward, as the development of drug resistance is a major challenge in the treatment of many cancers.

These are just a few of many important cancer discoveries that were made possible thanks to the fundraising support of people like you. Your decision to support OneDay to Conquer Cancer could help make the next life-saving discovery possible. Together, we are one team with one goal: cures for cancer.